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OSU College of Arts and Sciences Department of Astronomy

L. Earl Slusher Scholarship in Astronomy

To show his appreciation for the kind assistance he received from OSU Astronomy professor Gerald Newsom and his wife Ann, L. Earl Slusher established an endowment fund to honor exceptional Astronomy undergraduates at OSU. The Slusher Endowment Fund in Astronomy was established February 7, 1986 by the Board of Trustees of the Ohio State University.

The L. Earl Slusher Scholarship is awarded to an outstanding Astronomy major who has shown exceptional promise for going on to graduate work in Astronomy. It is typically given to a junior or senior selected by the department chair from among students nominated by the faculty, although exceptional freshmen or sophomores may be selected. The amount of the award varies between $2000 and $2500, and although it can be awarded annually, it is only given when faculty members consider a student truly exceptional.

Past Recipients

1988 - Jody K. Wilson
1989 - Robert J. Reid
1990 - Mark A. Ratliff
1991 - Mark F. Grazian
1992 - Russel J. White
1993 - Sean M. Smith
1994 - Gordon A. Baugh
1997 - Choong C. Ngeow
1998 - Jill. S. Jacobs
2000 - Karoline M. Gilbert
2001 - John H. Harrison
2002 - Mark A. Pitts
2003 - Michael S. Sutherland
2004 - Kyle G. Metzroth
2005 - Robert J. Hobbins
2006 - A. Zachary McBride
2007 - Garrett H. Elliot
2008 - Timothy Arnold
2009 - Nathaniel Ross
2010 - Li-Wei Hung