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OSU College of Arts and Sciences Department of Astronomy

Astronomy Colloquium Series 2011/12

Colloquia are held at 3:30pm every Thursday during the normal academic quarter.

All talks are in 2015 McPherson Laboratory unless otherwise indicated.

Coffee & Refreshments are at 3:00pm in 4054 McPherson Lab, except as noted.

Autumn Quarter 2011

Date Speaker
September 22 Renu Malhotra (University of Arizona)
The Early History of the Solar System
Jennifer Johnson
September 29 Brad Hansen (University of California, Los Angeles)
Piecing together the influence of tides in exoplanet systems
Scott Gaudi
October 6 Alice Quillen (University of Rochester)
Eclipses from Circumplanetary and Circumsecondary Disks and the Stability of Multiple Planet Systems
Andy Gould
October 13 Karen Kinemuchi (NASA)
Astrophysics with Kepler
Marc Pinsonneault
October 20 Roderik Overzier (University of Texas at Austin)
New Perspectives on Galaxy Evolution
Paul Martini
October 27 Steve Allen (Stanford University)
Galaxy Clusters and the Dark Universe
Smita Mathur
November 3 Tim Eifler, Klaus Honscheid, Paul Martini, Peter Melchior, Michael Mortonson (Ohio State)
The Dark Energy Survey
Paul Martini
November 10 Canceled
November 17 Smita Mathur (Ohio State)
Alternative Tracks of Black Hole-Galaxy Co-Evolution
Paul Martini
December 1 Karrie Gilbert (University of Washington)
Brad Peterson

Winter Quarter 2012


Spring Quarter 2012