LBT Aluminizing System

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LBT Enclosure

Completed in June 2002, the building that encloses the LBT sits atop Mt. Graham, 10,298 feet above sea level. The enclosure is 50 meters high and the rotating part weighs 1250 tons.

Photo Credit: John Hill (UA/Steward Observatory)



Telescope Structure

Built by Ansaldo-Camozzi Energy Special Components in Milan, Italy, the structure that will hold the mirrors for the Large Binocular Telescope was completed in November, 2001. The structure has been shipped to Mt. Graham and is currently in the process of being moved up the mountain.

Photo Credit: Patrick Osmer (OSU)



LBT Primary Mirror #1

The first 8.3 meter mirror and the team who cast it at the Steward Observatory Mirror Laboratory beneath the University of Arizona football stadium.

Photo Credit: Lori Stiles and John Florence (University of Arizona)



Multi-Object Double Spectrograph

This illustration of the Multi-Object Double Spectrograph (MODS) shows the path of the red and blue light beams through the instrument. MODS is being built for the LBT by the OSU Astronomy Department.

Illustration Credit: Tom O'Brien (OSU)



Aluminization System

The bell jar (right) designed to house the aluminization system for the mirrors used on the LBT. During test runs, the dummy mirror cell (left) will be vacuum-sealed to the bell jar and the aluminization of the mirror will take place between the two.

Photo Credit: Dan Pappalardo (OSU)



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