My principal area of interest is the dynamics of few-body systems. I have been particularly interested in the Kozai-Lidov mechanism and its many applications. The subject of my first dynamics paper was demonstrating the breakdown of the secular approximation in triple systems. I'm currently looking at how this produces collisions. I am also studying the importance of the hexadecapole term in Kozai-Lidov oscillations.

In addition to the Kozai-Lidov mechanism, I have been studying triple scattering and calculating how efficiently scattering processes produce highly inclined triples.

I am also interested in the mathematical foundations of N-body numerical simulations and am studying under what conditions the results of N-body numerical simulations can be trusted.

My advisor is Todd Thompson.

Kicks from gravitational waves

I have been working with Chris Hirata on calculating the magnitude of kicks from gravitational radiation in extreme mass ratio eccentricity inspirals.

Fanaroff-Riley objects

I worked with Paul Martini on measuring the lifetime and jet power distribution of Fanaroff-Riley Type II objects.

Hospital management

I have been working with my father, Joseph Antognini, on modelling the allocation of hospital operating rooms to emergent and urgent patients.

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