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2013 August 3

Multiband photometric follow-up of ASASSN-13aw (SN 2013dr) ( L. Wyrzykowski)

We are certainly glad to see that some of the sources discovered by ASAS-SN are extensively observed by other astronomers. For example, Wyrzykowski et al. (2013) reported "result of an extensive photometric follow-up of ASASSN-13aw (ATEL#5183) aka SN 2013dr, classified as type Ia supernova. The telescopes involved in the follow-up operated in the preparatory mode for the forthcoming Gaia Science Ale$ follow-up network.

The photometric data were collected with a range of telescopes, instruments and filters, but were all calibrated to common pass bands of B,V and r,i using APASS all-sky star catalogues (Henden et al.2009). The light curve contains about 150 data points and covers a range of about 30 days. It is available here."

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