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2013 October 13

Swift Ultraviolet and Optical Follow-Up of ASASSN-13dl, Our Latest Supernova

On 2013 Oct. 10, ASAS-SN triggered on a faint source with a V magnitude of 16.8, which we named ASASSN-13dl. Looking at older epochs, we also see signs of the source in images obtained on Oct 4, but it does not appear to be visible (V>17 mag) in images obtained on Sep. 29 and earlier. Interestingly, the transient is located roughly 2" from the center of an uncatalogued galaxy detected in DSS images, making it difficult to immediately judge the distance and absolute magnitude of the source. The location with respect to the host led us to believe this source was a likely supernova, and we requested Target of Opportunity observations with the Swift space telescope's UVOT instrument.

The image above shows ASASSN-13dl in all 6 UVOT filters, from reddest (V) to bluest (UVW2), as observed by Swift on Oct. 11. The position of the supernova is indicated in each image by a circle with a 4" radius. We measured the magnitude of the source in each of these bands and found that it was not detected in the farthest-UV (UVM2 and UVW2) filters, but that its other colors (UVW1-B, U-B, and B-V) are all fairly consistent with a Type Ia supernova at peak magnitude. However, it does appear to be fainter in the U-band than expected, and its host galaxy is uncatalogued, so we will be continuing to monitor ASASSN-13dl for more interesting behavior going forward.

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