Research Experience

  • 2014 to present: Working with ASAS-SN team at The Ohio State University, on ASAS-SN. See the ASAS-SN CV Patrol here!
  • 2011-2013: Worked with Professor Guy Worthey at Washington State Unversity, modeling metallicities of galaxies.
  • 2012: Summer REU at LIGO (Laser Intereferometer for Gravitational Wave Observatory) with Dr. Gregory Mendel and Dr. Richard Savage


  • Collaboration with the ASASSN team has led and continues to lead to various publications on The Astronomer's Telegram. The complete of list ATels I am a coauthor of can be found here
  • first author: ASASSN-14az:Type IIb supernova (in progress)
  • Discovery and Observations of the Unusually Luminous Type-Defying II-P/II-L Supernova ASASSN-13co
      Holoien, T. W.-S.; Prieto, J. L.; Pejcha, O.; Stanek, K. Z.; Kochanek, C. S.; Shappee, B. J.; Grupe, D.; Morrell, N.; Thorstensen, J. R.; Basu, U.; Beacom, J. F.; Bersier, D.; Brimacombe, J.; Davis, A. B.; Pojmanski, G.; Szczygiel, D. M.
  • Composite Stellar Populations and Element by Element Abundances in the Milky Way Bulge and Elliptical Galaxies
      Baitan Tang, G. Worthey, and A. Bianca Davis in Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society (in preparation)
  • ASASSN-14ae: A Tidal Disruption Event at 200 Mpc
      Holoien Thomas W.-S., Prieto J. L., Bersier D., Kochanek C. S., Stanek K. Z., Shappee B. J., Grupe D., Basu U., Beacom J. F., Brimacombe J.; Brown J. S., Davis A. B., Jencson J., Pojmanski G., Szczygiel D. M. (2014)
  • The LickX Spectra
      G. Worthey, A. Bianca Danilet, & Sandra M. Faber in Astronomy and Astrophysics, (2013)

Note: name legally changed from Danilet to Davis in 2013, but decided to revert to 'Danilet' for uniqueness.