Inquiry-based Astronomy Lessons - targeting grades 6-10

Inquiry-based Astronomy Lessons: Target US Grades 6-10

These lessons have been gathered from various resources (i.e., I do not take responsibility for sole authorship). They have also been used as part of a teacher-training workshop at the Center of Science and Industry (COSI) in Columbus, OH, presented Summer 2010. Anyone is welcome to make use of any of the material here, though please credit sources, where applicable. If you have any questions or feedback (or find any errors) in the lessons below, please contact: denney "at"

Disclaimer: Some lessons also come with Powerpoint slides that you are welcome to utilize with the understanding that the authors created them as a resource for teacher training in a private setting, and they may not all be suitable for classroom use. Additionally, Lessons and Worksheets are provided in Microsoft Word Document format so that teachers and make any modifications that may be needed to fit their classroom needs.

All Lessons and Talks will download directly upon Clicking.

Hubble Law Talk (Powerpoint Presentation)
Hubble Law Lesson (Word Document)
Hubble Law Worksheet (Word Document)

Doppler Effect Demo. Talk (Powerpoint Presentation)
Galaxy Zoo/Web Resources Talk (Powerpoint Presentation)
Galaxy Zoo/Web Resources List (Word Document)

The following lesson makes use of a classroom set of Galileo scopes. The particular model that was used for this lesson can be purchased at

Galileo's Contribution Talk (Powerpoint Presentation)
Galileoscope Lesson (Word Document)
Galileoscope Worksheet (Word Document)
Gravity and Orbits Talk (Powerpoint Presentation)
Gravity and Orbits Talk Handouts (for notetaking) (PDF)
Gravity and Orbits Lesson (Word Document)
Gravity and Orbits worksheet (Word Document)
How Telescopes Work Talk (Powerpoint Presentation)
Making Craters Lesson (Word Document)
Making Craters Worksheet (Word Document)
Same Face of the Moon Lesson (Word Document)
Phases of the Moon Lesson (Word Document)
Phases of the Moon worksheet (Word Document)
Sky Map Lesson (Word Document)
Sky Watching Talk (Powerpoint Presentation)

The following lesson is a based on a scaled solar system model, in this case, paired with a State of Ohio road map, provided free from The Ohio Department of Transportation at . For interested parties outside the state of Ohio, this lesson can be modified to use any map. For help with modification, feel free to contact denney "at"

Solar System on a Map Lesson (Word Document)
Solar System on a Map Worksheet (Word Document)