Astronomy 161: Professor Weinberg
Makeup Policy and Advice

Makeup for Quizzes and Midterm

If you will be absent for a quiz or for the midterm, you must let me know in advance, in class or (preferably) by email to, or bring a doctor's note if you were taken ill the day of the exam. You may then take a makeup quiz or midterm the following week.

It is up to you to contact the TA, Jerry Yoo, (, 292-2076) to arrange to take the makeup. If you do not arrange to take it within a week of the original exam date, you will get zero for that quiz or midterm.

Although the quizzes and midterm in class will be multiple choice, any makeup quizzes and midterm will be short answer/essay. Broadly speaking, they will cover the same material at a similar level.

In averaging your four quiz scores, I will give the lowest score half the weight of the other three, so your worst quiz performance will count less, but it will still count.

In Class Questions

The "in class questions" are questions that I will pose in class and to which you will turn in an answer on an index card, after having some opportunity to discuss your thinking with some of your classmates. They will range from mildly challenging to quite challenging, and I don't expect people to get all of them right. You get 100% credit for a correct answer, 50% credit for an incorrect answer, and no credit for no answer (i.e., because you are absent).

For the in class question score, I will drop your lowest three results before computing the average score. For example, if there are 28 in class questions during the quarter (one every day except for the midterm), I will compute the average of the 25 highest scores. Thus, if you are absent for three classes, the zeros that you get for those questions won't be averaged into your score. If you are present for all classes but get three questions wrong, those three questions (for which you get 50% credit) won't be averaged into your score.

Please note that dropping the three low scores is the makeup policy for in class questions. Since someone in a class of 200 has an excused absence essentially every day of the quarter, there is no practical alternative, nor do I think one is merited. If you have an illness that will cause you to miss more than three classes during the quarter, you should consult with me about how to make up for what you are missing; the in class questions will be a minor part of the problem.

Extra Credit Assignment

There will be one optional, 3-page essay assignment for extra credit. I will describe it after the midterm, and it will be due during the last week of class.

How To Do Well In This Class

Here is my advice for how to do well in this class: