Astronomy 161: Review Guide for Fourth Quiz


Same as for previous quizzes. The quiz will have 10 multiple choice questions, and it will occupy the first 20 minutes of Friday's class. If you will be absent on Friday, you must let me know in advance, preferably by email, in order to be allowed to take the makeup quiz next week. You may bring 1 page (both sides) of handwritten notes. You may bring a calculator, but you will not need it.

Please bring a number 2 pencil.


The quiz will cover the material in Lectures 15-17: the surface and atmosphere of the Earth, the Moon, and the (other) terrestrial planets. The reading for these lectures is chapters 9-13.

Review Advice

Same as for previous quizzes. Pay attention to how we have learned what we know about the Earth, the Moon, and other planets. Think about both the similarities and the distinctive features of Earth, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars, and the reasons for differences.

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