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Astronomy 141
Life in the Universe
Prof. Scott Gaudi

Quiz 3 Results

This quiz consisted of 50 multiple choice questions and a perfect score is 50 out of 50. The raw score distribution for the class is as follows:

Median: 38
Mean: 36.9
Standard Deviation: 5.4

The letter grade distribution is:

A: 44-50
B: 38-43
C: 32-37
D: 26-31
E: 0-25
These grade ranges do not take into account +/- divisions, although these will be used for the final grades. For example, if you consistently fall near the low end of a letter distribution, you will probably receive a '-' and not a solid letter grade (e.g. B- rather than B). The distribution for the class is shown in the figure below.

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