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OSU College of Arts and Sciences Department of Astronomy

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Planetarium Shows
and Roof Nights

Oooh, the moon!

Fall Quarter 2011

Planetarium Shows

Planetarium shows are offered to all students enrolled in the introductory Astronomy courses during the quarter. Members of the OSU community (student, staff, and their families) are welcome to attend on a space-available basis (please see the OSU Planetarium webpage for more information about special programs for the general public).

Our shows are only offered during the first few weeks of each quarter -- we do not currently offer shows throughout the entire quarter. If you would like to attend a show but have missed all of those currently listed below, please check back with this website at the beginning of the next academic quarter for the next round of shows.

Please note that the planetarium shows listed on this site are no longer accompanied by roof night telescope presentations. Please see the Roof Night section below for the roof night schedule.

Planetarium Show Schedule

Date Day Time TA
3 Oct 2011 Mon 6:00 pm Grier
4 Oct 2011 Tues 6:00 pm Grier
5 Oct 2011 Wed 6:00 pm Mogren
11 Oct 2011 Tues 6:00 pm Coker & Grier
12 Oct 2011 Wed 6:00 pm Antognini & Mogren
13 Oct 2011 Thurs 6:00 pm Mudd & Mogren
17 Oct 2011 Mon 6:00 pm Adams & Grier
18 Oct 2011 Tues 6:00 pm Somers & Grier

Please try to arrive 5-10 minutes before the scheduled time for the planetarium show since the doors will remain closed once the show begins in order to keep people's eyes dark adapted.

Telescope Observing Sesssions/Roof Nights

In addition to planetarium shows, we offer two telescope viewing sessions per quarter. Telescope viewing sessions feature the department's 12-inch Meade computer-controlled telescope, located on the roof of Smith Laboratory. The viewing session will be run by Ohio State astronomy graduate students, and will include the observation of several exciting astronomical objects. This often includes, but is not limited to, the moon, various planets, nebulae, and globular clusters.

All Telescope Roof Nights are subject to cancellation due to weather without notice. (You can't see stars through clouds, and you don't want to get the telescope wet!) If a Roof Night is cancelled, then we usually try to have an "Alternate Roof Night" on an alternate night. Tentative rain dates are listed here; any rescheduled roof nights will be posted on this web site beforehand.

Roof Night Schedule

Date Day Time Rain date (tentative)
6 Oct 2011 Thurs 8:00 pm 13 Oct 2011
19 Oct 2011 Wed RESCHEDULED TO 10/26 DUE TO CLOUDS/RAIN 26 Oct 2011
26 Oct 2011 Wed CANCELLED DUE TO WEATHER. No rain date

Please return to this website next quarter for the next round of roof nights.

Weather Info

Click fo Columbus, Ohio Forecast Click for Columbus, Ohio Forecast

Planetarium Programs

Topics covered in the planetarium shows include a general description of the night sky, how it changes over time, how it changes depending on your position on Earth, and why the Earth has seasons. The shows are given by graduate students in the OSU Astronomy Department and are presented at a level appropriate for students taking the introductory level Astronomy courses.

Some professors offer one-time extra credit for attending planetarium programs. Please see the TA giving the show after the program to get on the sign-up sheet. You must sign-in in-person (no proxies). Students who leave early will not receive attendance credit.


The OSU Planetarium is located on the 5th floor of Smith Laboratory [MAP]. To get there, use the north-east entrance and take the elevator to the 5th floor. The planetarium will be to your right, and a sign will be pointing the way.