ICIMACS for CCDS: Configuring the IC Software

8/24/99 : JAM

(ICIMACS = Instrument Control and Image Acquisition System

The startup and operation of the IC computer is configurable by editing the following three files:

On startup, the IC program loads its defaults and saved values from the initialization file CCDS.INI. The operation of the program can be changed in both trivial and profound ways by changing the values in this file. See the CCDS.INI page for a description of the variables saved.
On exiting, the IC saves its current parameters to CCDS.INI according to the template file INICCDS.TPL. See the INICCDS.TPL page for an example of how to reformat the initialization file by editing this file.
The format of the FITS header created by the IC for each image saved is controlled by the template file FITSCCDS.TPL. See the FITSCCDS.TPL page for a description of how the header can be reformatted by editing this file.

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Revised: August 24, 1999 [jam]