ICIMACS for CCDS: IC Software Startup Procedure

7/24/99 : JAM

(ICIMACS = Instrument Control and Image Acquisition System

Each instrument has its own directory on the system disk. This "working directory" holds the program configuration files common to all versions of the code. Each version of the code likewise has its own subdirectory under the instrument directory. The program is started by a batch file in the instrument working directrory named IC.BAT. IC.BAT normally starts the most current version of the instrument code. To start another version, edit IC.BAT to point to the desired subdirectory and executable.
To start the IC program manually, go to the working directory, set the monochrome mode, and start the executable.

For example:

C:\CCDS\IC.BAT starts the correct version of the CCDS program from the working directory:

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Revised: August 24, 1999[jam]