ICIMACS for CCDS: Startup Procedure

04/03/2006 : JAM

1) Turn off the WC and IC.

2) Turn on the WC and allow it to finish booting, either to the DOS prompt or to the ICIMACS WC% prompt.

3) Turn on the IC and allow it to finish booting, either to the DOS prompt or to the CCDS% prompt. Start the IC program, if it hasn't already.

4) Exit the WC program (if necessary), and cycle power on the WC. Allow it to finish booting, either to the DOS prompt or to the WC% prompt. Start the WC program, if it hasn't already.

5) Starting about a third of the way down the WC screen is a box with disk synchronization information. When the system is ready to take data, it should look like:


What you do now depends on what you see in this box:

On the WC keyboard, type

If this doesn't work, exit the IC program, and cycle power on the IC. Then restart the IC program and try the >IC REQ INITDISK command again. If it still doesn't work, repeat the full startup procedure.

Make sure caliban is running on the sparcstation. Open the caliban window and type

If you don't see any reference in the box to the IC or CB, repeat the startup procedure above. If you still don't see the IC or CB, check the serial port connections between the two PCs and between the WC and the linux workstation, then repeat the startup procedure again.

In cases where repeating the above procedure fails to fix the problem, you may have lost communication with the instrument. In that case, cycle power on the two red electronics boxes on the instrument (the power switch on both is a rocker-style switch right next to the power cord). Flip the power switch on both boxes off, count to five, and flip them both back on again. The order in which you turn them on or off is unimportant. Now go back to the kitchen, refresh your beverage of choice (this gives the embedded computer in the instrument electronics box time to reboot - wait 2 minutes at least), then start again at step 1 above.

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Revised: April 03, 2006 [jam]