ICIMACS for CCDS & TIFKAM: WC Ethernet Network Drivers

8/24/99 : JAM

(ICIMACS = Instrument Control and Image Acquisition System

The ICIMACS WC installation includes a network connection for command communication only. The PCNFS connection is no longer officially supported due to memory constraints, and the proven reliability and higher performance of the caliban data connection. The WC network interface can be divided into two parts:
1)The packet driver
The standard 3com packet driver for the 3C509 PCI ethernet card, 3C5x9pd.com

The packet driver 3c5x9pd.com must be loaded in the autoexec.bat file before any of the other network drivers. The packet driver can be found either in the root directory, in the 3C509\pktdvr directory, or in the pktdvr directory on the ethernet card setup floppies. The packet interrupt number must be specified on the command line; 0x60 is the preferred interrupt.

2)The telnet session driver
Watterloo University's tcpport.exe, part of the WATTCP suite, maps a TCP telnet connection to a virtual serial port available to the WC software.

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Revised: January 18, 2001[jam]