ICIMACS for CCDS: WC Software Startup Procedure

8/24/99 : JAM

(ICIMACS = Instrument Control and Image Acquisition System

A single copy of the WC code will work with any ISL instrument IC of the same (or nearly the same) version number. The start-up file WC.BAT in C:\WC points to a particular version of the code; make sure it is the correct version for the IC code that your instrument is running. (Some IC/WC pairs do not agree on version number).

Note that the WC code is no longer site-specific. It is no longer necessary to recompile the WC code when moving between sites; the telescope controller interface is set at run-time from the command line.

However, it is necessary to use site specific commands to enable the correct telnet session. The batch file WC.BAT is set to run another, site-specific batch file, like WCOSU.BAT, WCMDM.BAT, or WCKPNO.BAT. The site-specific batch files do clean-up and start the correct version of the WC code:


@rem Next three lines make sure correct WATTCP.CFG is in place
if not exist wattcp.osu then goto ooops
delete wattcp.cfg
copy wattcp.osu wattcp.cfg
@rem Next line gets info on NFS drives and saves to a file
idutil -f >idutil.txt
@rem Next line enables wc with telnet connection for ariel with ritchey as host
tcpport.exe 23 "v5_5\xfer28.exe"
goto exit
echo WATTCP.OSU not found!!

Here, the WC code is called xfer28.exe, and it is in the directory v5_5.

If you encounter problems with any of the network functions of the WC, try rebooting and pressing the F8 key when the message Starting MS-DOS... message pops up. This will allow you to single-step through the config.sys and autoexec.bat files, so that any error messages don't scroll off the screen before you can read them.

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Revised: August 24, 1999 [jam]