Generic ICIMACS: Mounting NFS Drives

1/9/98 : JAM

(ICIMACS = Instrument Control and Image Acquisition System

PCTCP Network Software's idmnt allows UNIX disks on an IP network to be written to and read from by the DOS operating system. Mounting drives involves the following files:


Load the remote mounting drivers immediately following the packet multiplexor. First set the environment variable for the initialization file (SET PCTCP=C:\PCTCP\PCTCP.INI). Then load the PCTCP ethernet driver (C:\PCTCP\ETHDRV). Then load the drive mounting driver (C:\PCTCP\IDRIVE -m #, where # is the total number of drives to be mounted (4 maximum)).


The network parameters for the remote mounting are set here. The important entries are the IP address, DNS server, NFS server, and username. Most of the problems in remote mounting drives result from incorrect settings in this file, so check it carefully.


The name of this file will vary from site to site. This batch file is usually invoked from the autoexec.bat, and contains the commands that mount the NFS drives for your network.For each drive to be mounted, there will be a line loading the idmnt driver with the parameters for that drive ("C:\PCTCP\IDMNT F: \\\/home4/ritchey/data <pswd.txt" maps the /home4/ritchey/data directory to the DOS drive F:, using the user name in the PCTCP.INI file and the password in pswd.txt for authentication).


The name of this file will also vary from site to site. It is used by the batch file that mounts the NFS drives to provide the password authentication necessary. See the NFS mount batch file for the name of the file to edit when the password is incorrect; see the file C:\AUTOEXEC.BAT for the name of the NFS mount batch file for your site.

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