Generic ICIMACS: WC Ethernet Network Drivers

1/8/98 : JAM

(ICIMACS = Instrument Control and Image Acquisition System

The standard ICIMACS WC installation includes drivers that multitask use of the ethernet connection for both communications and data. The structure of the WC network interface can be divided into four parts:
1)The packet driver
The standard 3com packet driver for the 3C509 ethernet card,

The packet driver must be loaded in the autoexec.bat file before any of the other network drivers. The packet driver can be found either in the root directory or in the 3C509\pktdvr directory. The packet interrupt number must be specified on the command line; 0x69 is the preferred interrupt.

2)The packet multiplexor
PKTMUX, by Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, provides virtual packet drivers for the remote mounting and telnet session drivers

Using the packet multiplexor requires loading multiple drivers. The drivers are found in the pktmux directory, and should be loaded in the autoexec.bat file immediately following the packet driver. First, load the pktmux driver, specifying the number of virtual packet drivers required (c:\pktmux\pktmux 3). Then load a pktdrv driver for each virtual packet driver required, each followed by the interrupt of the virtual packet driver (C:\pktmux\pktdrv 60). The interrupts 60,65,and 68 are the preferred choices.

3)The remote disk mounting driver
PCTCP Network Software's idmnt allows UNIX disks on an IP network to be written to and read from by the DOS operating system.

See the NFS Mounting Page for more details.

Load the remote mounting drivers immediately following the packet multiplexor. First set the environment variable for the initialization file (SET PCTCP=C:\PCTCP\PCTCP.INI). Then load the PCTCP ethernet driver (C:\PCTCP\ETHDRV). Then load the drive mounting driver (C:\PCTCP\IDRIVE -m #, where # is the total number of drives to be mounted (4 maximum)).Then for each drive to be mounted, use the idmnt driver ("C:\PCTCP\IDMNT F: \\\/home4/ritchey/data <pswd.txt" maps the /home4/ritchey/data directory to the DOS drive F:, using the user name in the PCTCP.INI file and the password in pswd.txt for authentication).

4)The telnet session driver
Watterloo University's tcpport.exe, part of the WATTCP suite, maps a TCP telnet connection to a virtual serial port available to the WC software.

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Revised: January 8, 1998 [jam]