ICIMACS WC: Software Notes

1/9/98 : JAM

(ICIMACS = Instrument Control and Image Acquisition System

Recompiling the WC code for a new location

The WC code varies not by instrument, but by location. Therefore, a single copy of the WC program will work with any instrument's IC program with the same (or nearly the same) version number. But if the WC is moved to a new location, the code will have to be recompiled as follows:

Determine what the name of the code you are using is. Look in the file WC.BAT, which should point you to another, site-specific batch file, such as WCOSU.BAT. The program executed here, probably as a parameter of the TCPPORT program, is the current code directory and name. Go to C:\PBASIC32 and type PB codename. Scroll down in the program until you reach a list of variable declarations for different sites:

%LOWELL = 0 'load telescope controller interface for Lowell Perkins telescope
%KPNO2M = 0 'load telescope controller interface for KPNO 2M
%KPNO4M = 0 'load telescope controller interface for KPNO 4M
%MDM = 1 'load telescope controller interface for MDM

Select the site you are at by changing that site variable to one, and the others to zero. In the OSU lab, use MDM.

Exit the editor by pressing alt-x.

At the DOS prompt, type PBC codename.

Wait for the code to compile, then move the new code to the WC directory you are using.

Go to C:\WC, and run WC.BAT

Single-stepping through the WC startup files

If you encounter problems with any of the network functions of the WC, try rebooting and pressing the F8 key when the message Starting MS-DOS... message pops up. This will allow you to single-step through the config.sys and autoexec.bat files, so that any error messages don't scroll off the screen before you can read them.

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