Generic ICIMACS: WC Operating System

1/9/98 : JAM

(ICIMACS = Instrument Control and Image Acquisition System

The ICIMACS Workstation Computer runs MSDOS 6.20. The startup files on the WC are much more complicated than those on the IC, because the WC must load network drivers for remote mounting NFS disks and for mapping telnet sessions to virtual serial ports.

The config.sys and autoexec.bat files below are only examples from the ISL lab system. The files below should work on any WC, but it's doubtful that every WC has been configured identically. The QEMM memory manager software is not required, but is recommended in order to free up the "low" memory that will make operating DOS utilities, such as editors and compilers, faster and easier.


device=c:\qemm\QEMM386.SYS r:1 ram SH:N
device=c:\qemm\dos-up.sys @c:\qemm\dos-up.dat
rem The driver for Advanscsi controllers
rem new driver
device=c:\qemm\loadhi.sys /r:1 /size=54144 c:\advansys\advaspi.sys
rem old driver
rem device=c:\advaspi.sys
shell=c:\qemm\ /r:2 /res=3008 /sqf C:\ C:\ /P

Note the file C:\ADVASPI.SYS. This is the driver for the SCSI controller which allows it to share SCSI bus resources with other controllers. It is NOT the standard driver available from Advansys; this version was compiled specifically for the ISL by Advansys. Contact the ISL if another copy of the driver is needed. Specify VL bus or PCI bus.


set path=c:\pctcp;%path%
mode mono
@rem The packet driver; load at 0x69 to leave 0x60 free for TCPPORT
c:\qemm\loadhi /r:2 c:\3c509\pktdvr\ 0x69
@rem Here's PKTMUX: packet driver multiplexor; three channels max
c:\qemm\loadhi /r:2 /res=21680 /sqf c:\pktmux\pktmux 3
@rem Packet driver for TCPPORT; apparently must be at 0x60
c:\pktmux\pktdrv 60
@rem load TWO virtual packet drivers for ethdrv (PC/TCP) (won't work with one)
c:\pktmux\pktdrv 65
c:\pktmux\pktdrv 68
set pctcp=c:\pctcp\pctcp.ini
c:\qemm\loadhi /r:1 /lo c:\pctcp\ethdrv
c:\qemm\loadhi /r:0 /lo c:\pctcp\idrive -m 4
cd wc
@rem Change the next line depending on your observatory site to mount NFS drives
call mountosu.bat
@rem The next line starts the WC program automatically
call wc.bat

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Revised: January 9, 1998 [jam]