Generic ICIMACS: WC Software Startup Procedure

1/9/98 : JAM

(ICIMACS = Instrument Control and Image Acquisition System

A single copy of the WC code will work with any ISL instrument IC of the same (or nearly the same) version number. The start-up file WC.BAT in C:\WC points to a particular version of the code; make sure it is the correct version for the IC code that your instrument is running. (Some IC/WC pairs do not agree on version number - for example, the IC program for TIFKAM is v4.4, while the TIFKAM WC program is v4. In general, take the WC code that is the same or earlier than the IC code.)

Note that the WC code, unlike the IC code, is site-specific. If a WC is moved from one site to another, the code will have to be recompiled in order to use the new telescope controller. See the WC software notes for details on doing this.

The batch file WC.BAT is set to run another, site-specific batch file, like WCOSU.BAT, WCMDM.BAT, or WCKPNO.BAT. The site-specific batch files do clean-up and start the correct version of the WC code:


@rem Next three lines make sure correct WATTCP.CFG is in place
if not exist wattcp.osu then goto ooops
delete wattcp.cfg
copy wattcp.osu wattcp.cfg
@rem Next line gets info on NFS drives and saves to a file
idutil -f >idutil.txt
@rem Next line enables wc with telnet connection for ariel with ritchey as host
tcpport.exe 23 "v4_5\xfer23.exe"
goto exit
echo WATTCP.OSU not found!!

Here, the WC code is called xfer23.exe, and it is in the directory v4_5.

If you encounter problems with any of the network functions of the WC, try rebooting and pressing the F8 key when the message Starting MS-DOS... message pops up. This will allow you to single-step through the config.sys and autoexec.bat files, so that any error messages don't scroll off the screen before you can read them.

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