Instrument Views

Click on the thumbnail images below to view a larger version. Some of the larger images are annotated.

MOSAIC mounted on the 2.1-meter telescope (looking south towards the pier). The Red box at the upper left houses the instrument mechanism drive electronics and control computer. At the lower left is the ALADDIN array controller electronics box with the cover removed.

Another view of MOSAIC on the 2.1-meter telescope (looking west).

MOSAIC on its storage cart.

Top view of the MOSAIC optical bench with the dewar shell and heat shields removed. This view shows the camera select turret, detector mount (old NICMOS3 mount), filter wheels, and the collimator lens. Wiring is long for testing and was cut down to size in the final version.

Closeup of the MOSAIC camera select turret. Only the f/7 camera was installed when this picture was taken. The current configuration now includes a second camera with the Silicon pupil-viewing optics. The detector mount (with black cylindrical light shield at the back) is the old NICMOS3 array mount.

Closeup of the filter wheels, collimator lens, and folding flat mirrors.

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Updated: 1996 September 26 [isl]