ICIMACS for OSIRIS: Software Notes

7/27/99 : JAM

Disk Synchronization

Users occasionally note that they are having difficulty getting the data disks between the WC and IC to synchronize on startup (symptom: prospero reports "-Synch" in its status screen and reports errors after running startup). If full reboots are not solving the problem, you can attempt to force synchronization of the disks manually: Check the WC status screen. Near the middle of the screen is a box with disk synchronization information. If any of the machines' names are followed by the word "-SYNCH", follow the directions below.

Make sure that caliban is running on the sparc station, then type


in the caliban console window.

On the WC keyboard, type


Note: If the instructions above don't help, then it may be the case that the WC was not able to detect the IC disks on startup. The only fix for this is to turn the WC off and then back on again. If even this fails, turn the power off on both PCs (WC and IC) and turn them back on again at the same time.
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Revised: July 27, 1999 [jam]