ICIMACS for the Wise Observatory 2Kx2K Camera: Troubleshooting

11/20/97 : JAM

(ICIMACS = Instrument Control and Image Acquisition System

Check the status lights on the monochrome monitors. They should be exactly
as shown on the ICIMACS Startup procedure. If not, follow the procedure
below that corresponds to the problem:

Not an error. Don't sweat it.

First attempt: Type "+seq" at the IC keyboard. Try to take an exposure. If
it reverts to -SEQ...

Second attempt: Check the fiber cables on the back of the IC and on the head
electronics box. Repeat first attempt.

Third attempt: Turn off power to IC. Remove IC cover. The sequencer is the
third card from the bottom. Make sure it is firmly seated in
its slot. GENTLY make sure the small connectors off the top
of the board are firmly seated. Leave the cover off the IC.
Follow the system restart procedure.

Don't attempt anything. This seems to be OK.

Type "+BURST" at the IC keyboard

Type "THAW" at the IC keyboard

This is not an error; it indicates that communications through the serial port will not be echoed to the screen. During debugging VERBOSE mode can be useful. If desired, type "VERBOSE" at the IC keyboard

First attempt: Type "-DEBUG" at the IC keyboard

Second Attempt: Type "DEBUG 0" at the IC keyboard

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Revised: November 20, 1997 [jam]