Data Acquisition with ANDICAM: An Introduction to ICIMACS

5/29/98 : JAM

So you've got a camera with two detectors and associated optics bolted to your telescope. Now what? The Imaging Sciences Laboratory has thoughtfully provided a complete instrument control platform designed to operate ANDICAM through an interactive user interface. This platform is known as ICIMACS (Instrument Control and Image Acquisition System), and it makes instrument control easier and moves image data faster than you could have hoped for.

The detector and mechanism electronics are mounted directly to the instrument dewar on the telescope; they communicate with the Instrument Computers in the control room over two optical fiber pairs - one set of fibers and one instrument computer for each detector. The two Instrument Computers (IC and IR) are connected to the Workstation Interface Computer (WC), which buffers data and commands, and provides a link to the telescope controller. The WC in turn is connected to a sparcstation that provides the user interface and image viewing platform for ANDICAM (Prospero). During normal use, the observer can safely ignore the details of the ICIMACS hardware and software - the documentation that follows is intended for the engineering personnel that will install and maintain ANDICAM. All others should refer to the Prospero documentation.

Imaging Sciences Laboratory
Revised: May 29, 1998 [jam]