ICIMACS for ANDICAM: WC Ethernet Setup

7/21/99: JAM

(ICIMACS = Instrument Control and Image Acquisition System

The following hardware settings to the WC ethernet cards have been tested to assure compatibility with the workstation computer hardware and software. Settings not mentioned here should be left in their factory default settings. To run setup:
1) Boot the WC in "bare" mode by pressing the F5 key on the keyboard when the "Starting MSDOS..." message appears onscreen.

2) Change to the 3c900 directory (cd 3c900) and run install.exe.

2a) If you get the message "Invalid directory", it means that the network software was not installed on the hard drive. Find the network driver floppy marked Disk 1, put it in the floppy drive, and type A:\install.exe.

3) Hit enter at the opening screen.

It is difficult to select options on the monochrome monitor, as the contrast in highlighting is almost nil. There is a line about 2/3 of the way down the screen that gives a summary of the currently selected option.

DO NOT SELECT AUTO-INSTALL + CONFIGURE! If this accidentally happens, reboot the machine immediately, before the configuration program saves the new settings to the ethernet card. Then start again.

4) Hit the down arrow key 4 times. The summary line should read "Program for configuring/testing /troubleshooting NICs" Press enter.

The Ethernet address for the ethernet card is in the window, if that's what you're looking for.

6)Highlight "Install/Configure NIC" in the menu bar and press enter.

7) The settings should be as shown below:

Network Driver Optimization
Minimized CPU Utilization
Full Duplex
Media Type
Set to match the ethernet link to your card. DO NOT use Auto-configure.
I/O Base Address:
???? Selected automatically, can't be changed
Interrupt Request Level
????Selected automatically, can't be changed

To change a setting, hit the tab key 5 times until Network Driver Optimization is highlighted. Then use the down arrow key to highlight the parameter you want to change and press enter. Select the new value using the arrow keys and press enter.
When finished, hit tab to highlight auto-configure, then three more times to highlight "OK", if you want to save settings to the card, or one more time to highlight "CANCEL", if you want to discard the changes. Hit enter to select.

8) Hit esc to bring up exit box. Hit enter and esc once to back out to the DOS prompt. Reboot.

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Revised: July 21, 1999 [jam]