ICIMACS for ANDICAM: Network Serial Communication

7/21/1999 : JAM

(ICIMACS = Instrument Control and Image Acquisition System

Watterloo University's tcpport.exe, part of the WATTCP suite, maps a TCP telnet connection to a virtual serial port available to the WC software.TCPPORT requires the file WATTCP.CFG, which specifies the IP address, netmask, nameserver, gateway, and domain name for the WC - the basic network machine parameters. TCPPORT is invoked from the DOS command line, or from a batch file, with the IP address and port number for the desired telnet session. TCPPORT makes the telnet session available to programs with no built in network support, like the WC program, by mapping telnet input and output to the BIOS serial port services. The WC program is run from a DOS shell started by TCPPORT by putting its path and name in double quotes as a parameter in the command line. The login name and password to be used in the telnet session are specified in the wc.ini file.



print "trying WATTCP.CFG"


tcpport.exe 23 "v5_5\xfer28.exe"

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Revised: July 21, 1999 [jam]