TIFKAM ICIMACS Startup Procedure:

1)On the WC front panel, lower the lever marked "death ray".

2)QUIT the WC and IC programs, if they are not already dead.

3)Power down the IC and WC. Power them back up within a few seconds of each other. Note that it is a bad idea to leave the WC off for more than a few seconds, as the sparc station may disable access to their shared disks.

4)On the WC front panel, raise the lever marked "death ray".

5)On the WC, you should end up in the directory C:\WC. If not, cd WC.

6)There is no number 6

7)If the outside temperature is below 50F, toggle the lever marked "warp drive" on the WC front panel several times quickly. Don't flood it!

8)On the WC, type WC.

9)The WC batch file should start running, and the ICIMACS status screen should appear. If the batch file stalls on the line beginning "C:\WC> TCPPORT", do a control-c, then type WC again at the prompt. Continue until relief occurs. If a rash develops, seek medical care.

10) When the WC has finished starting, check the status bar near the top of the screen. You should see +DISK -UPSYNC -DNSYNC +TELESCOPE -INSTRUMENT -IC -AR +CB +BUS VERBOSE -DEBUG. If you see:

-DISK. Don't panic. It doesn't matter. Toggle the warp drive lever until your pulse drops below 90. (If it drops below 30, check your health insurance plan documentation immediately.)

-TELESCOPE. Move WC within 1000 miles of a telescope. Shut off WC and start again.

-CB. Check that caliban is running on the sparc station (you'll know it by the CB% prompt at the bottom of the screen). If not, start an xterm window, go to ~/dts/Caliban, and run caliban.

11) On the WC keyboard, type ariel. You should get +AR on the WC status bar. If you don't, you're obviously being punished for something. Call your mom, find out what it is, and apologize.

12) Power on the IC. No, that's the wrong button, you idiot! Jeez! Who let you in the lab?

13) Power on the IC.

14) If the IC startup ends up on the color screen, type MODE MONO to get a prompt on the monochrome screen. If you're not in the C:\PBASIC32 directory, type cd PBASIC32. Type A40.

15) If the IC startup finishes and the WC status bar still says -IC, type >WC PING at the IC keyboard (the > character is significant. Your character is deplorable.)

16) All lights on the WC status bar should be highlighted. The last three (BUS VERBOSE DEBUG) aren't important, but if any of the others are not highlighted, type RESTART on the WC.

17) On the WC, lower the "death ray" lever.

18) Repeat number 6.

19) If prospero is not running, start it by choosing prospero from the xterm menu.

20) Prospero will choose some path. There is a way to override this, if, for example, the caliban connection isn't working and you want to transfer data over the PCNFS mounted disks or (gasp!) onto floppies:

On the IC, type REQ MOUNT. You'll get a buncha lines. From left to right, the lines describe an interface, then the machine name, then the path on that machine. For example, DOS:\IC\A:\ is the floppy drive on the IC, while PCNFS:\\/home4/ritchey/data is the PCNFS mounted directory /home4/ritchey/data on ritchey. Type in USE MOUNT and the full path name, if you're a masochist, or count down from the top of the list, starting at zero, to the path you want and type USE MOUNT n, where n is the number you counted to. (Duh!)

21) Take data. Have a Mountain Dew, only 50 cents a can in room 5025.

22) IMPORTANT! Before leaving, be sure warp drive is off!!