J. Yee...
Department of Astronomy

Jennifer C. Yee

Graduate Student, Department of Astronomy, Ohio State University
Advisor: Andy Gould
Expected Graduation Date: August 2013

B.A., Swarthmore College 2007

Curriculum Vitae (PDF file)


I am searching for planets using gravitational microlensing. Andy Gould and I run the Microlensing Follow Up Network, a network of professional and amateur astronomers dedicated to followup observations of microlensing events. Our focus is on following high-magnification microlensing events, which are intrinsically very sensitive to planets.

Selected Publications (All Publications)

[4]"WFIRST Planet Masses from Microlens Parallax"
Yee, J. C.. 2013 ApJL, 770, 31
arXiv:1303.1184 ADS

[3] "MOA-2010-BLG-311: A planetary candidate below the threshold of reliable detection"
Yee, J. C., Hung, L.-W., Bond, I. A., Allen, W., Monard, L. A. G., Albrow, M. D., Fouque, P., Dominik, M., Tsapras, Y., Udalski, A., Gould, A., Zellem, R., and 136 other authors 2012 ApJ, submitted
arXiv:1210.6041 ADS

[2] "MOA-2011-BLG-293Lb: A test of pure survey microlensing planet detections"
Yee, J. C., Shvartzvald, Y., Gal-Yam, A., Bond, I. A., Udalski, A., Kozlowski, S., Han, C., Gould, A., Skowron, J., Suzuki, D., and 68 other authors 2012 ApJ, 755, 102
arXiv:1201.1002 ADS

[1] "Characterizing Long-Period Transiting Planets Observed by Kepler"
Jennifer C. Yee & B. Scott Gaudi 2008, ApJ, 688, 616
arXiv:0805.1936 ADS

Contact Information


Office: 4039 McPherson Lab

Mailing address:
Department of Astronomy
The Ohio State University
140 West 18th Ave.
Columbus, OH 43210

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