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South Pole Pictures

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[poleent.jpg] The entrance to the U.S. South Pole Station. This geodesic dome is unheated, but protects buildings containing the kitchen, administration, and quarters for the 'winter-overs.'
[paulent.jpg] Here I am standing next to the entrance to the station [photo by Darren DePoy].
[lc130.jpg] A ski-equipped C-130 plane. This is basically the only way to get to the South Pole, unless you are a good (and insane) skier. Its a 8 1/2 hour flight from Christchurch, New Zealand to McMurdo station (on the coast). It is then another 3 1/2 hours from McMurdo to the Pole.
[paulpole.jpg] At the pole! This is the ceremonial South Pole. The true, geographic south pole is about 20 meters from this spot (to the south, of course) [photo by Darren DePoy].
[paultel.jpg] Me standing next to SPIREX (South Pole InfraRed EXplorer), a 24-inch telescope at the pole for thermal-IR observations [photo by Darren DePoy].
[paultel2.jpg] Another shot of me standing next to SPIREX, this time taken through a 8mm lens [photo by Darren DePoy].
[artshot.jpg] An art shot of the 22 degree halo, with the sun occulted by SPIREX. Also visible are the two mock or parhelial suns to either side, the horizontal tangential arc (top of the small halo) extending into a circumscribed halo, and Parry's arc. I could also see the 46 degree halo, accompanying parhelial suns, upper tangential arc, a hint of the circumzenithal arc, and almost an entire parhelic circle when I took this shot.
[depoy.jpg] Darren DePoy working on ABU, a near/mid-IR camera with a 1024x1024 InSb array.
[talk.jpg] Me (right) and the SPIREX winter-over, Rodney Marks, discussing observing strategies for the coming austral winter [photo by Al Harper].

New Zealand Pictures:

[pauljung.jpg] Here I am in one of the temperate New Zealand rainforests. The rainforest is right next to the Fox glacier; not the first place I'd look for a rainforest, but there it was [photo by Darren DePoy].
[paulglac.jpg] Here I am standing on the Fox glacier [photo by Darren DePoy].

Last updated: 27 October 2003