Software Backup

WC, IC, and IE Software Backup

Complete backups for the WC and IC exist on the D:\ drive of each of these computers. If a disk failure occurs on the C:\ drive of the WC or IC, one can easily recover by copying the complete directory hierarchy from the D:\ drive.

Spare drives exist for the IC and WC. As of 11 June 2000, there is one spare in the YALO closet and one in the IC/WC Spare PC (located in the front room of the 4m).

Once the failed drive (C:\) is replaced, type the following command:

xcopy d:\*.* c:\OSIRIS2\*.* /e /s (on the IC)

xcopy d:\*.* c:\WC\*.* /e /s (on the WC)

To make a backup, reverse the c: and d: drives in the above commands:

xcopy c:OSIRIS2\*.* d:\*.* /e /s (on the IC)

xcopy c:\WC\*.* d:\*.* /e /s (on the WC)

The IE software is loaded on a virtual hard drive (c:\) on the Megatel PC inside the IE box on the instrument. To reload the IE software, one needs to connect the floppy drive (located in the YALO closet) to the IE. Also, connect a keyboard and VGA monitor directly to the IE. A backup floppy of the IE software exists in the M floor of the 4m in one of the OSIRIS boxes. Insert the floppy in the floppy drive and execute the following command:

xcopy a:\*.* c:\*.* /e /s

To make a backup of the IE software, reverse the a: and c: drives in the above command.