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OSIRIS Online Documentation

Osiris OSIRIS (the Ohio State InfraRed Imager/Spectrometer) is a multi-purpose infrared imager & spectrometer built by the Ohio State University. It is currently deployed at the CTIO 4-m Blanco and 1.5-m telescopes as a facility IR instrument. OSIRIS operates at wavelengths from 0.9 to 2.4 microns and uses a 1024x1024 HAWAII HgCdTe array supplied by CTIO.

 These links provide access to all online documentation for OSIRIS and related systems. The first set are of greatest interest to general observers while the second set is primarily intended for CTIO and OSU technical support personnel. Many documents are available in HTML, PostScript, and PDF formats.


General Observer InformationHieroglyph for Osiris

The OSIRIS User's Manual (HTML, 1999 Apr 13)

Current Instrument Configuration Tables (HTML; 1999 Aug 10)

Prospero Command Scripts for OSIRIS at CTIO (HTML; 1999 Aug 13)

Quick Reference Card for OSIRIS at CTIO (PostScript; 2000 January 6)

OSIRIS Prospero Manual (Gzip'd Postscript 1999 February 17)

Prospero Scripts Manual [Gzip'd PS| PDF] (3 November 2001)

Restart and Troubleshooting (HTML; 2000 March)

Known OSIRIS Problems (HTML; 15 January 2001)

Online Prospero Manual & Documents

Prospero Observer's Guides & Instrument Reference Cards

Contact Information

Technical Support Information Star Hieroglyph

Overview of the Instrument Control System (ICIMACS)



Block Diagram of the OSIRIS system (GIF; 2000 Jan 11)

Instrument Setup (for CTIO Telops) (HTML; 1999 Sept 30)

Instrument Software Backup (for CTIO Telops) (HTML; 2000 January 04)

Caliban FITS Data-Transfer Daemon

Other Information Nut, Goddess of the Heavens

About OSIRIS (the instrument)

About Osiris (the god)

The Tale of Isis & Osiris

Our Sponsors Eye of Heaven

Funding for OSIRIS was provided by grants from The Ohio State University, and National Science Foundation Grants AST-9016112 and AST-9218449. The NICMOS4 detector was purchased by CTIO, which is operated by the Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy Inc. (AURA), under a cooperative agreement with the NSF as part of the National Optical Astronomy Observatories (NOAO).
The Ohio State University CTIO The National Science Foundation AURA NOAO

All OSIRIS observers are required to acknowledge the support of these sponsors in any publications resulting from OSIRIS data.

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