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Formation of the Solar System Slides from lecture given to Dr. Capriotti's class, 30 November 2004, in PDF format (readable with Adobe Acrobat Reader).

This website is current inactive. It will be restored the next time Professor Peterson teaches Astronomy 161.

earth In a highway service station
Over the month of June
Was a photograph of the Earth
Taken coming back from the Moon.
And you couldn't see a city
On that marbled bowling ball
Or a forest or a highway
Or me here least of all.
"Refuge of the Roads"
by Joni Mitchell
Hejira, © 1976
Photograph ©NASA.
Photo ID No. AS17-148-22727,
taken on 7 December 1972,
by Apollo 17 astronauts (who
were actually on their way to the
Moon at the time).

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