Astronomy 350 Au2002

Differential Photometry of CY Aquarii
Photometry Data Entry Form


Please select your name below, and then enter your differential photometry data in the box provided.

The data must be submitted as a plain ASCII table of numbers with no header in the following format:

    HJD-2450000   Var-0.5*(C1+C2)   Err   C1-C2   Err
    HJD-2450000     = HJD given to 5-digit digits (e.g., 1813.23456)
    Var-0.5*(C1+C2) = difference of instrumental magnitudes of the variable and
             comparison stars C1 and C2.
    Err    = uncertainty in the above in magnitudes.
    C1-C2  = difference of instrumental magnitudes of comparison stars
             C1 and C2.
    Err    = uncertainty in C1-C2 in magnitudes.
For example, the first 3 lines (of 25) of your submission should look like this:
   1827.63901  -3.763  0.033  0.494  0.065
   1827.63961  -3.636  0.028  0.187  0.055
   1827.64019  -3.770  0.033  0.527  0.066
[complete example]

Note the numerical precision (number of sig-figs) employed, and the use of spaces between the data values. Please do not submit data separated by TABs, commas, or other special characters.

The easiest way to get your data into the form without risking typograpical errors is:

  1. Prepare your data as a flat ASCII text file in the format shown above.

  2. Print it in a second window (on Unix in an xterminal big enough to show all 25 lines of data, or on a Windows box in an ASCII editor like Notepad).

  3. Select the data to insert with the cursor ("copy").

  4. Paste the data into the entry form box on the web browser.

If this is unclear, feel free to ask Rick or Jim (or one of your fellow students) for a demo.

When you are finished entering your data, click on the Next> button to proceed with the data submission. This passes you to the data confirmation form where if all goes well you will be shown your data as interpreted by the form, and you can then choose to go back and fix things, or confirm the submission and then go on to the next steps (viewing the merged, phased light curve, etc.).

If you encountered any problems with this form, please contact Rick Pogge or Jim Pizagno immediately.

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