Introductory Astronomy Teaching Resources

I have amassed a collection of various resources for use in teaching the introductory astronomy courses at Ohio State. These include movies and graphics I have created myself, and items obtained from the other astronomers and the internet. These pages are a prototype for an eventual central clearinghouse for these materials for our department.

Please note that the original materials I have created all carry exclusive copyrights. Similarly, while most of the graphics created by others are in the public domain, some may not be unbeknownst to me. For "fair use" in teaching or public lectures this is not a big deal, but it can become an issue if you put them on public webpages or use them in public media. If you find anything without proper copyright attribution, please contact me, and I will either add the attribution or remove it from circulation.

Images, Graphics, & Animations

Artwork for Ast 161 & 162

Celestial & Planetary Motion Animations

Ast162 Animations

Copyright Notice

Access to many of the materials above is restricted to the Astronomy Department. This is to protect some copyrighted materials that cannot be generally distributed online, but may be deposited on private networks for the convenience of instructors in the department under general "Fair Use" guidelines. My apologies, I will eventually place versions of my original artwork online with the copyrighted materials censored, but this is not a high priority.

All of the graphics I created in the public directories are subject to exclusive copyright. Please read the copyright statement before making copies or other use of these materials.

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