Original Graphics & Slides for Introductory Astronomy

The links below lead to indexes of the various graphics I have created while teaching the introductory astronomy courses at Ohio State.

Introduction to the Solar System

The Night Sky (1.5M)
The Four Seasons (392k)
History of Astronomy (560k)
Gravitation & Orbits (592k)
Atoms, Light, & Spectroscopy (716k)
The Planets (476k)
All Astronomy 161 Graphics (4.0M)
PowerPoint file with all Graphics (4.0M PPT File)

Introduction to Stars, Galaxies, & The Universe

Stars & Stellar Structure (972k)
Stellar Evolution (1.3M)
The Milky Way & Other Galaxies (1.2M)
Cosmology (592k)
Special & General Relativity (140k)
All Astronomy 162 Graphics (4.5M)
PowerPoint file with all Graphics (9.4M PPT File)


These graphics were created using PowerPoint (the medium I have been using for my lectures), some including montages of images obtained from a variety of sources. These graphics are a bit of a mixed bag, as I use them to fill gaps where there are not already existing images. They do not constitute a complete set of graphics (my full collection contains many copyrighted sources, and so they are only available on the local network).

The graphics are ordered by topic, and provided without annotation, although the names are usually suggestive of the subject. All are in GIF format. Copies of the original PowerPoint files with these graphics are available (as single large files).

Copyright Information

All of these images are Copyright © Richard W. Pogge, All Rights Reserved.

Usage Notes

While I reserve Copyright on these images, you are free to use them for any educational or non-commercial purpose. All I ask is that you contact me if you use them so I have a record. If you use them on a webpage, please provide me with a link. Please contact me for written permission to use the graphics in any commercial electronic or print applications, In all cases please give credit if using on webpages, and refer requests for copies to the original sources.

A few graphics contain elements (usually images) derived from copyrighted sources. I have indicated these copyrights on the graphics where used.

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Updated: 2017 May 24