---------------------**CHANGES MADE AFTER MARCH 1999
HYDRA-CTIO RUN**-----------
* DMS1358-0039 now has z=1.39? instead of z=1.34?;
reality still uncertain
* DMS1358-0045 (z=?) has been removed; possible feature
not seen in new spectrum
* DMS1358-0052 has z=1.71 instead of z=0.85?; a new
spectrum shows the line
        in the earlier spectrum is CIII], not MgII as
we had assumed.
* DMS1358-0101 (z=1.25?) has been removed; unconfirmed
by new spectrum
* DMS1358-0102 redshift improved slightly to 0.81877
(was 0.82)
* DMS1359-0030 z changed from 0.86 to 0.86?
* DMS1359-0056 z changed from 1.85 to 1.85?
* N1358-0034 added (z=0.9636)
* N1358-0036 added (z=0.664)
* N1358-0054 added (z=0.852)
* N1358.8-0102 added (z=0.582)
* N1359-0036 added (z=0.619)
* 840  14n added
* 1149 14n added