Recent papers from astro-ph and other sources (May 2011)

The following pre-prints are chosen as they relate to the material in the textbook Atomic Astrophysics and Spectroscopy (AAS), Anil K. Pradhan and Sultana N. Nahar (Cambridge University Press 2011).

Spectral Evolution of the Unusual Slow Nova V5558 Sgr , Authors: Jumpei Tanaka, Daisaku Nogami, Mitsugu Fujii, Kazuya Ayani, Taichi Kato, Hiroyuki Maehara, Seiichiro Kiyota, Kazuhiro Nakajima

On the influence of opacity variation on spatial structure of radiative shocks , Authors: M. Busquet, M.Klapisch, F.Thais

EUV lines observed with EIS/Hinode in a solar prominence , Authors: Nicolas Labrosse (1), Brigitte Schmieder (2), Petr Heinzel (3 and 2), Tetsuya Watanabe

The nebular spectrum of the type Ia supernova 2003hv: evidence for a non-standard event , Authors: Paolo A. Mazzali, I. Maurer, M. Stritzinger, S. Taubenberger, S. Benetti, S. Hachinger

The Blueshifting and Baldwin effects for the [OIII] 5007 Emission Line in Type 1 Active Galactic Nuclei , Authors: Kai Zhang (1), Xiao-Bo Dong (1,2), Ting-Gui Wang (1), C. Martin Gaskell

Chemical Composition of the RS CVn-type Star 29 Draconis , Authors: G. Barisevic(ius, G. Tautvaišiene., S. Berdyugina, Y. Chorniy, I. Ilyin

Formation of Dust in the Ejecta of Type Ia Supernovae , Authors: Takaya Nozawa, Keiichi Maeda, Takashi Kozasa, Masaomi Tanaka, Ken'ichi Nomoto, Hideyuki Umeda

V2492 Cygni: The Early Evolution of the 2010 Outburst , Authors: Colin Aspin

XMM Follow-Up Observations of

XMM Follow-Up Observations of Three Swift BAT-Selected Active Galactic Nuclei , Authors: M. L. Trippe, C. S. Reynolds, M. Koss, R. F. Mushotzky, L. M. Winter

A Hubble Space Telescope Study of Lyman Limit Systems: Census and Evolution , Authors: Joseph Ribaudo, Nicolas Lehner, J. Christopher Howk

Estimation of the XUV radiation onto close planets and their evaporation , Authors: J. Sanz-Forcada, G. Micela, I. Ribas, A.M.T. Pollock, C. Eiroa, A. Velasco, E. Solano, D. Garcia-Alvarez

New AGN classifications in the Swift/BAT All-Sky Hard X-ray Survey , Authors: Pietro Parisi, for the IBIS Team

The XMM-Newton Wide field survey in the COSMOS field: redshift evolution of AGN bias and subdominant role of mergers in triggering moderate luminosity AGN at redshift up to 2.2 , Authors: V. Allevato, A. Finoguenov, N. Cappelluti, T. Miyaji, G. Hasinger, M. Salvato, M. Brusa, R. Gilli, G. Zamorani, F. Shankar, J. B. James, H. J. McCracken, A. Bongiorno, A. Merloni, J. A. Peacock, J. Silverman, A. Comastri

Spectral classification of emission-line galaxies from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. II. A supplementary diagnostic for AGNs using the Dn(4000) index , Authors: Julien Marocco (LATT), Emeric Hache (LATT), Fabrice Lamareille (LATT)

A Search for Pulsations in Helium White Dwarfs , Authors: Justin D. R. Steinfadt, Lars Bildsten, David L. Kaplan, Benjamin J. Fulton, Steve B. Howell, T. R. Marsh, Eran O. Ofek, Avi Shporer

Spectroscopic evidence for SN 2010ma associated with GRB 101219B , Authors: M. Sparre, J. Sollerman, J.P.U. Fynbo, D. Malesani, P. Goldoni, A. de Ugarte Postigo, S. Covino, V. D'Elia, H. Flores, F. Hammer, J. Hjorth, P. Jakobsson, L. Kaper, G. Leloudas, A.J. Levan, B. Milvang-Jensen, S. Schulze, G. Tagliaferri, N.R. Tanvir, D.J. Watson, K. Wiersema, R.A.M.J. Wijers

The oxygen vs. sodium (anti)correlation(s) in omega Cen , Authors: F. D'Antona, A. D'Ercole, A.F. Marino, A.P. Milone, P. Ventura, E. Vesperini

Measuring helium abundance difference in giants of NGC 2808 , Authors: L. Pasquini, P. Mauas, H.U. Kaufl, C. Cacciari

A multiwavelength study of Cygnus X-1: the first mid-infrared spectroscopic detection of compact jets , Authors: Farid Rahoui, Julia C. Lee, Sebastian Heinz, Dean C. Hines, Katja Pottschmidt, JöWilms, Victoria Grinberg

Cool DZ white dwarfs in the

Cool DZ white dwarfs in the SDSS , Authors: D. Koester, J. Girven, B. T. Gäicke, P. Dufour

Limb darkening in spherical stellar atmospheres , Authors: Hilding R. Neilson, John B. Lester

A new Planetary Nebula in the

A new Planetary Nebula in the outer reaches of the Galaxy , Authors: K. Viironen, A. Mampaso, R. L. M. Corradi, J. E. Drew, D. J. Frew, C. Giammanco, R. Greimel, T. Liimets, J. E. Lindberg, M. Rodríez, L. Sabin, S. E. Sale, P. A. Wilson, A. Zijlstra

Effects of a low electron distribution cutoff on multiwavelength spectra and light curves of GRB afterglows , Authors: Maria Petropoulou, Apostolos Mastichiadis, Tsvi Piran

Spectral Variability of LBV star V532 (Romano's star) , Authors: O.N. Sholukhova, S.N. Fabrika, A.V. Zharova, A.F. Valeev, V.P. Goranskij

Spectral and photometric

Spectral and photometric analysis of the eclipsing binary epsilon Aurigae prior to and during the 2009-2011 eclipse , Authors: Pavel Chadima, Petr Harmanec, Philip D. Bennett, Brian Kloppenborg, Robert Stencel, Stevenson Yang, Hrvoje Bozic, Miroslav Slechta, Lenka Kotkova, Marek Wolf, Petr Skoda, Viktor Votruba, Jeff L. Hopkins, Christian Buil, Davor Sudar

Mid-infrared Period-Luminosity Relations of RR Lyrae Stars Derived from the WISE Preliminary Data Release , Authors: Christopher R. Klein, Joseph W. Richards, Nathaniel R. Butler, Joshua S. Bloom

The Oxygen Abundance in the Solar Neighborhood , Authors: M. Rodriguez, Gloria Delgado-Inglada

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