Diversity Journal Club

Diversity Journal Club

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2014/2015 Academic Year

Date Presenter TopicLinks, Sources, and Resources
Oct 2 Sarah Jane Schmidt Gender and TACsGender-based Systematics in HST Proposal Selection
April 15 Sarah Jane Schmidt TMT Protests Scince, Culture Clash Over Sacred Mountain
Hawaii Gov. Halts Construction Of Giant Telescope In Clash Over Sacred Land

2013/2014 Academic Year

Date Presenter TopicLinks, Sources, and Resources
September 30 Sarah Jane Schmidt Results of the DJC Survey
October 14 Todd Thompson Historically Black Colleges and Universities
October 30 various Blog and News Roundup DNLee and the urban scientist kerfuffle
NYTimes article on Why so few?
Workplace Bullying
the impact of the government shutdown on science
November 13 Becca Reesman Understanding PrivilegeEscalator Analogy
Description of a Freshman Orientation to Combat Privilege
a TED talk on "women's issues"
Presentation Slides
December 9 Jamie Tayar Hiring Bias Best Practices from Hunter CUNY
January 24 Courtney Epstein CSWA Longitudinal Survey Slides by Meredith Hughes from AAS 223
February 7 Deborah S. Holoien Colorblindness vs. Multiculturalism: Which is Better? You deplete me: The cognitive costs of colorblindness on ethnic minorities
February 21 Don Terndrup Bro Culture Does not Compute: Oakland hackathon tries to broaden Silicon Valley’s recruitment pipeline
How do you change a bro-dominated culture?
March 7 Todd Thompson
Calen Henderson
Sarah Jane Schmidt
Astronomy Coffee
April 18 Sarah Jane Schmidt The UW Pre-Major in Astronomy Program The Pre-MAP Website
Evaluation of a College Freshman Diversity Research Program
May 16 Annika Peter Summary of the "Leaky Pipeline" talk slides, including many sources
May 30 Greg Simonian Leaky Pipeline in Middle + High School

2012/2013 Academic Year

Date Presenter TopicLinks, Sources, and Resources
November 1 Sarah Jane Schmidt Unconcious BiasScience faculty's subtle gender biases favor male students
November 15 Rebecca Reesman Stereotype ThreatHow Stereotypes Can Drive Women To Quit Science
November 29 Don Terndrup Imposter SyndromeSelf-doubt plagues female astronomers
Unmasking the imposter
The Imposter Phenomenon
December 13 Gisella De RosaEthics Across BordersEthics Across Borders
January 24 Calen HendersonLGBTIQA in the WorkplaceA Progress Report on Gay Employee Health Benefits
The Supreme Court Takes Up DOMA
Gay and Transgender People Face High Rates of Workplace Discrimination and Harassment
Information on the Employment Non-Discrimination Act
Campus Pride Index
February 7 Rebecca Stoll Automatic Bias"Unlearning" Automatic Biases: The Malleability of Implicit Prejudice and Stereotypes
February 21Sarah Jane Schmidt Online Diversity ResourcesDiversity Resources
March 7 Don Terndrup Why students choose STEMModeling Student Choice of STEM Fields of Study
March 21 Guests: OSU HR
April 4 Gail Zasowski The Impact of Accents Why the Brain Doubts a Foreign Accent
Why don't we believe non-native speakers? The influence of accent on credibility
The Way They Speak: A Social Psychological Perspective on the Stigma of Nonnative Accents in Communication
May 2 Sarah Jane Schmidt Racial Microaggressions Unmasking Racial Micro Agressions
Impact of Racial Macro- and Micro-agressions in Black Women's Lives
May 16 Matthew Penny Mental Health in Academia John Johnson's Mental Health Compilation
Definition of Burnout
Student and Staff Mental Health Resources at OSU
July 11 Gail Zasowski Women and Minorities in SDSSReport on the Status of Women in SDSS
Report on the Status of Minorities in SDSS
July 25 Sarah Jane Schmidt Survey to Evaluate DJC at OSU
August 8 Rebecca Stoll Speaking up in a Professional Setting Who Takes the Floor and Why: Gender, Power, and Volubility in Organizations