Martina McGinn

Martina's Ph.D. thesis was published in two papers:

"Stellar Kinematics in the Galactic Center," McGinn, M. T., Sellgren, K., Becklin, E. E., and Hall, D. N. B. 1989, ApJ, 338, 824.

"Velocity Dispersion and the Stellar Population in the Central 1.2 Parsecs of the Galaxy," Sellgren, K., McGinn, M. T., Becklin, E. E., and Hall, D. N. B. 1990, ApJ, 359, 112.

After her Ph.D., Martina accepted a postdoctoral fellowship at Mt. Stromlo. She decided after six months, however, that she did not want to continue research in astronomy, for a mixture of personal and professional reasons, and left the field. She currently works as a computer programmer for a company in Canberra, Australia, and enjoys spending time with her husband, Pedro Geleris, and their son Aram. Her e-mail is

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