copyright 1998 Kristen Sellgren

VERSE 1:  The golden-brown of sunburnt grass
          The palm trees lining our main street
          Eucalyptus and sagebrush
          Wild oats and tumbleweeds

CHORUS:   Now there's only condos where I used to play
          All my childhood wonders, now a freeway interchange
          This is where I used to live, this is where I used to live
          I don't live there any more

VERSE 2:  Polliwogs in short-lived ponds
          The winter rains turn hills to green
          Wild blackberries and mustard plants
          Tules growing by the stream


VERSE 3:  A quail family in a solemn line
          Running by the olive trees
          Mockingbirds and blue jays
          Kingsnakes and coyotes


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Revised: 2001 October 15 (ks)