copyright 2002 Kris Sellgren

VERSE 1:   They dance in the dark, they dance on your lap
           They dance up and down you when you're taking a nap
           They dance all around you, treading delicately
           They dance from love, moving eloquently

CHORUS:    Cats dance, cats dance, watch their little paws move up and down
           Cats dance, cats dance, cats dancing all around

VERSE 2:   They dance on your belly, they dance on your pillows
           They dance on anything that's soft and billows
           They dance on their backs, their paws in the air
           They dance in their sleep, dreaming of who knows where


MIDDLE-8:  Some say the cats are kneading  
           Purring from instinct, not from fun
           Some say it's memories of kittens feeding 
           But I know a dance when I see one


VERSE 3:   Licking your ears, they dance on your face
           They try to be careful but their claws leave a trace
           They dance as they drool, they dance as they purr
           They dance on your clean clothes, shedding their fur


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Revised: 2002 February 27 (ks)