copyright 1998 Kristen Sellgren

VERSE 1:  In the desert the wildflowers
          Are a rare delight after winter showers
          In the midwest the flowers growing the best
          Are attacked with herbicides and killed with zest

CHORUS:   Dandelions, bloom for me
          Come to my yard and grow wild and free
          Golden carpets in early spring
          Makes me smile, makes me sing

VERSE 2:  In tropic Hawaii the jungle encroaches
          Machetes are needed to slow its approaches
          Midwesteners plant new blossoms annually
          But poison the flowers thriving naturally


VERSE 3:  Soon the yellow has turned to white
          As the seeds of the flower prepare to take flight
          I blow on the puffball in my hand
          Send the seeds of the flowers across the land


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Revised: 2001 October 15 (ks)