copyright 1997 Kristen Sellgren

VERSE 1:   It starts behind my shoulder blades
           The muscles underneath are sore
           I stretch to try to ease the ache
           Relax, relax, if only I could relax

CHORUS:    You give me a headache, you give me a headache, 
           You give me a headache
           So go away, leave me alone, so go away, leave me alone

VERSE 2:   Next my neck, it's stiff, it's sore
           Cords of steel beneath my touch
           Isometrics, doctors say
           Tighten, release, tighten, release, if only I could relax


MIDDLE-8:  Aspirin, advil, tylenol
           They don't help, I've tried them all
           Massage, acupuncture, Ben-Gay
           Muscle relaxants -- sleep for days


VERSE 3:   The pain explodes, a searing arc
           From base of skull to behind my eye
           Every movement agony
           Lie still, lie still, if only I could relax


VERSE 4:   My headache's gone, I don't know why
           Less tense, less guilt, less rage, less fear
           No-one around I have to please
           Days of pain, days of pain, but now I can relax

OUTRO:     My headache is gone now, my headache is gone now, 
           My headache is gone now
           So come back, and hang around, so come back, and hang around

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Revised: 2001 October 15 (ks)