copyright 2002 Kris Sellgren

VERSE 1:   I'm lost in Honolulu, all the roads are one-way
           The streets names are long, and they all begin with "K"
           I'm looking for the beach, but there's no place to park
           I'll cruise Kalakaua and Kuhio 'til it's dark

CHORUS:    I need a map, I need GPS
           I need a local to help me out of this mess
           I need a cellphone to dial four-one-one
           I need to find the beach before the setting of the sun

VERSE 2:   I'm lost in LA, and I'm trying my best
           The freeway gives two city names, but which one is west?
           I'm heading for the beach, please tell me how
           Oh no, it's rush hour traffic, I'll never get there now


MIDDLE-8:  I need the ocean, I need some peace
           Sand beneath my toes as I wade out to my knees
           Swim out past the breakers, float on my back
           Body surf back in, lie in the sun and relax


VERSE 3:   I'm lost in Columbus, where is the beach?
           Is the east, west, or gulf coast fastest to reach?
           A real ocean beach is far away, I know
           Please give me directions, and on my way I'll go


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Revised: 2002 March 11 (ks)