copyright 2000 Kristen Sellgren

PMS is an acronym for Pre-Menstrual Syndrome

VERSE 1:   I'm so angry at everyone I see
           I want to make love passionately
           I crave chocolate, I crave death
           What could have gotten me into such a mess?

CHORUS:    I've got PMS, I've got PMS, I've got PMS, I've got PMS

VERSE 2:   Suicidal thoughts with no outlet
           Waking up at night drenched in sweat
           I'm so sick of falling apart
           I just wish my period would start


MIDDLE-8:  Why can't I be a cat and go into heat once a year?
           Howl for a week, then the rest of my calendar is clear
           But now one week I'm crazy, and one week I'm in pain
           At least that leaves half the month I'm relatively sane


VERSE 3:   If you go home with me you've got a lot to trust
           Will I scream at you, or drown in lust?
           Will I be an angel, not the least bit mad?
           Or will I be glued to my heating pad?

OUTRO:     I've got PMS, this week is PMS, 
           No -- next week is PMS, no -- last week was PMS
           Well, it's some time this month.

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Revised: 2001 October 15 (ks)