Astronomy 1143 Autumn 2016

Cosmology: History of the Universe

TTh: 12:45--2:05pm, Ramseyer Hall 0059

Course Instructor: Prof. Smita Mathur

Office: 4039 McPherson Laboratory

Office Hours: by appointment.


Recommended Text Book: "Your Cosmic Context" by Duncan & Tyler
See also: ``Universe'' by Freedman \& Kaufmann Or other introductory astronomy books.

GTA: Jiayi Sun, Room 4008, McPherson Laboratory.


Office Hours: Thursdays: 4 to 5pm; Fridays: 2 to 3pm.

For the week-by-week course syllabus, lecture slides, answers to homework questions and reviews, click on:

Course Syllabus

Homework: posted most Thursdays, answers posted following Tuesday, Homework does NOT contribute to the final grade.

Exams: Three in class tests:
Tuesday, September 20;
Tuesday, October 25;
Tuesday, November 29.
Each test contributes 20% to the final grade.
Final exam is CUMULATIVE. contributes 40% to the final grade.
( Tuesday, December 13},2:00pm--3:45pm in the class room)
All grading is done on a standard C+/B- curve.

Make-up Policy: No make-up for final exam. Make-up tests will be offered only with prior arrangement. Medical and family emergencies will be the only exceptions. If a make-up test is not taken before the results are handed out, an essay-type make up test will be offered.

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