Course Syllabus

Astronomy 1144 is a General Education Curriculum (GEC) Physical Science course in the Natural Science category. The goals for this course include:
- understanding the theories and methods of modern astrophysics,
- investigating the relationship between science and technology.
Learning Objectives:
- To investigate the basic facts, principles, theories and methods of modern science as practiced in astrophysics.
- To learn important events in the history of astrophysics, particularly the discovery of the size and age of the Universe and our place within it.
- To explain the role of modern technology in the investigation of astrophysical phenomena.

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Week 1:

Introduction, Nature of Light \& Matter (Textbook Chapter 5)

Homework 0

Lecture 2-3

Week 2:

Lecture 3-4

Homework 1

Week 3:

Lecture 5

Homework 2

The Sun. (Textbook Chapter 16)

Lecture 6

Week 4:

Lecture 7

The Stars. (Textbook Chapter 17)

Lectures 8-9

Homework 3

Week 5:

Review 1

Tuesday February 6: Test 1.

Lectures 9--10

Week 6:

Lectures 9--10

Lecture 11

Homework 4

Week 7:

Lecture 12

Lecture 12-Kepler

Lecture 13

Homework 5

Week 8:

The Interstellar Medium. (Textbook Chapter 18)

Star Formation (Textbook Chapter 19)

Lectures 14/15

Homework 6

Week 9:

Stellar Evolution (Textbook Chapter 20)

Lectures 16/17

Review 2

Thursday March 8: Test 2

Week 10:

Spring Break, no classes

Week 11:

Stellar Explosions (Textbook Chapter 21)

Lectures 17/18

Week 12:

Neutron Stars and Black Holes (Textbook Chapter 22)

Lecture 19

Lecture 20

Homework 7

Week 13:

Lecture 21

The Milky Way Galaxy (Textbook Chapter 23)

Lecture 22

Milky Way Black Hole movie

Homework 8

Week 14:

Galaxies (Textbook Chapter 24)

Lecture 23

Lecture 24

Review 3

Thursday April 12: Test 3

Week 15:

Lecture 25

Lecture 26-I

Lecture 26-II

Review 4

Thursday, April 19: Last Class

Week 16:

Week 17:

Monday, April 30: Final Exam 8am to 9:45am