Curriculum Vitae

Current Projects

  • Bolometric Fluxes and Angular Diameters for Over 1.6 Million Tycho-2 Stars and Radii for Over 350,000 Stars with Gaia DR1 Parallaxes
    • Stevens, D.J., Stassun, K.G. & Gaudi, B.S., submitted
  • Model-independent Masses and Radii of Single-Lined Eclipsing Binaries: I. Analytic Precision Estimates
    • Stevens, D.J. & Gaudi, B.S., in prep

Selected Publications

  • A Bright Short Period M-M Eclipsing Binary from the KELT Survey: Magnetic Activity and the Mass-Radius Relationship for M-dwarfs
  • Determining Empirical Stellar Masses and Radii from Transits and Gaia Parallaxes as Illustrated by Spitzer Observations of KELT-11b
    • Beatty, T.G., Stevens, D.J., et al., 2017, ApJ, 154, 25B (ADS Abstract)
  • KELT-12b: A P ~ 5 Day, Highly Inflated Hot Jupiter Transiting a Mildly Evolved Star
  • An Efficient Interpolation Technique for Jump Proposals in Reversible-Jump Markov Chain Monte Carlo Calculations
    • Farr, W. M., Mandel, I. & Stevens, D.J., 2015, Royal Society Open Science (ADS Abstract)

Here is a link to my CV: Daniel J. Stevens CV